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Gel Wax MP (Soft) 啫喱蠟(軟)

Gel Wax MP (Soft) 啫喱蠟(軟)

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Gel Wax/凝膠蠟/啫喱蠟/果凍蠟

Type: Soft (Slab塊狀)

Melting Point : Approximately 68℃

Components : Mineral Oil
成分: 礦物油

Form : Clear and soft (Jelly)

Origin: China

Recommended Use : Clear Container Candles


1. As the melting point and pouring temperature are high, using a pre-waxed wick may melt and the Gel Wax may become cloudy. Should you must use a pre-waxed wick (ie. Tealight Candle) allow the wax to cool down enough and place the wick inside. Otherwise, we recommend using a non-coated wick.

2. As Gel Wax is clear and non-polar, blending inappropriate polar fragrance oil may make the solution cloudy. Please refer to below fragrance list carefully.

List of Fragrance Oil that blend clearly with Gel Wax
English Name 中文名 品牌
A day at the Spa 水療日 Candleworks
Autumn Leaves & Moss 秋葉和苔蘚 Candleworks
Aventus 沙龍香王者 Candleworks
Baies 漿果 Candleworks
Bamboo Candleworks
Bitter Lemon 苦檸檬 Candleworks
Black Cedarwood & Juniper 黑雪松和杜松 Candleworks
Bitter Mandarin 苦柑橘 Candleworks
Carrot Blossom & Fennel 胡蘿蔔花和茴香 Candleworks
Cashmere Petals 花瓣絨 Candleworks
Chance 機會 Candleworks
Cherry Blossom 櫻花 Candleworks
Citron de Vigne 香檳葡萄 Candleworks
Citronella 香茅油 Candleworks
Citrus Verbena 馬鞭草柑橘 Candleworks
Clean Cotton 潔淨棉 Candleworks
Coco Mademoiselle 可可小姐 Candleworks
Cotton Blossom 棉花 Candleworks
Darjeeling Tea 大吉嶺茶 Candleworks
Damask Rose 大馬士革玫瑰 Candleworks
Earl Grey & Cucumber 伯爵茶與小黃瓜 Candleworks
Eclat de Arpege 光韻 Candleworks
English Pear & Freesia 英國梨和小蒼蘭 Candleworks
Eucalyptus & Spearmint 桉樹與薄荷 Candleworks
Eucalyptus 桉樹 Candleworks
Fico di Amalfi 阿馬爾菲無花果 Candleworks
Figuier 無花果 Candleworks
Frankincense & Myrrh 乳香和沒藥 Candleworks
French Lavender 法國薰衣草 Candleworks
Garden Sweet Pea 花園甜豌豆 Candleworks
Heavenly Peach 甜桃 Candleworks
Hyacinth 風信子 Candleworks
Hydrangea 繡球花 Candleworks
La Baigneuse 沐浴者 Candleworks
L'eau 盧丹氏之水 Candleworks
Lime Basil & Mandarin 青檸羅勒與柑橘 Candleworks
Love Spell 愛情咒語 Candleworks
Mimosa 含羞草 Candleworks
Mirto 帕爾瑪之水 Candleworks
Nectarine Blossom & Honey 杏桃花與蜂蜜 Candleworks
No.5 No.5 Candleworks
Philosykos 希臘無花果 Candleworks
Pillow Talk 枕邊蜜語 Candleworks
Pink Sands 粉紅沙 Candleworks
Plum Blossom 梅花 Candleworks
Plumeria 雞蛋花 Candleworks
Red Roses 紅玫瑰 Candleworks
Red, White & Cinnamon 紅白肉桂 Candleworks
Risky Citrus 阽柑橘 Candleworks
Rose Duet 玫瑰二重奏 Candleworks
Rosewood & Musk 花梨木與麝香 Candleworks
Rind 橙香 Candleworks
Sandalwood 檀香 Candleworks
Seasalt & Yuzu 海鹽與柚子 Candleworks
Vellutina 絨毛白蠟 Candleworks
Viva la Juicy 多汁萬歲 Candleworks
Volupte Amber 太平洋渡假風 Candleworks
Wedding Day 婚禮日 Candleworks
White Jasmine & Mint 白茉莉與薄荷 Candleworks
White Musk 白麝香 Candleworks
White Rose 白玫瑰 Candleworks
Wild Hosta & Willow 野玉簪和柳樹 Candleworks
Wind, Waves, Driftwood Surf! 風,浪,漂流木沖浪 Candleworks
Wood Sage & Seasalt 鼠尾草與海鹽 Candleworks
Ylang 49 依蘭 49 Candleworks


List of Base Oil that blend clearly with Gel Wax
English Name 中文名 品牌
Bitter Lemon Base 苦檸檬基底油 Candleworks
Cassis Fruit Base 黑醋栗基底油 Candleworks
Cedarwood Base 雪松木基底油 Candleworks
Civet Cat Base 麝貓基底油 Candleworks
Dewberry Base 露莓基底油 Candleworks
Grapefruit Base 葡萄柚基底油 Candleworks
Green Base 綠色植物基底油 Candleworks
Iris Base 鳶尾花基底油 Candleworks
Ivy Base 常春藤基底油 Candleworks
Leather Base 皮革基底油 Candleworks
Marine Base 海洋基底油 Candleworks
Musk Base 麝香基底油 Candleworks
Patchouli Base 廣藿香基底油 Candleworks
Rose de Mai Base 五月玫瑰基底油 Candleworks
Sandalwood Base 檀香木基底油 Candleworks
Tuberose Base 晚香玉基底油 Candleworks
Vetiver Base 香根草基底油 Candleworks
White Amber Base 白琥珀基底油 Candleworks
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Gel Wax MP (Soft) 啫喱蠟(軟)

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Gel Wax MP (Soft) 啫喱蠟(軟)

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