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Assemblable Flat Circle Pillar Mold 組裝平頂圓形柱模 4 Size

Assemblable Flat Circle Pillar Mold 組裝平頂圓形柱模 4 Size

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Mold Materiel 模具材質:PC 聚碳酸酯
Color 顏色:As shown in Picture 如圖所示

Diameter 5cm 直徑
Mold weight 模具重量:
Mold specifications 模具規格:
Finished product weight 成品重量:5x7.5g
Finished specifications 完成規格:cm

Diameter 6cm 直徑
Mold weight 模具重量:86g
Mold specifications 模具規格:7.3x8.5cm
Finished product weight 成品重量:180g
Finished specifications 完成規格:6x7.5cm

Diameter 7cm 直徑
Mold weight 模具重量:131g
Mold specifications 模具規格:8.3x11.4cm
Finished product weight 成品重量:320g
Finished specifications 完成規格:7x10cm

Diameter 8cm 直徑
Mold weight 模具重量:190g
Mold specifications 模具規格:9.3x16.4cm
Finished product weight 成品重量:530g
Finished specifications 完成規格:8x15cm

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