5162990269759488 Candle Element 蠟燭原料店 CW - Micro Wax -Soft Type 微晶蠟 軟 它是一種補充劑,可以使石蠟更柔軟。 小塊具有足夠的柔韌性,可以使用體溫用手觸摸。 It is an additive added to make paraffin wax softer. Small chunks are so flexible that they can be gripped by hand usi Product #: candleelement-CW - Micro Wax -Soft Type 微晶蠟 軟 2021-12-04 Regular price: $HKD$50.0 Available from: Candle Element 蠟燭原料店In stock 5 1 5 1 1 5 1 5.0
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