5021098020306944 Candle Element 蠟燭原料店 Base Tray Mould 底座托盤模具 - 長橢圓形 Color 顏色:As shown in Picture 如圖所示 Be careful to use as the mold is thin, around 0.2 to 0.3 cm thickness 注意小心使用,模具較薄,約0.2至0.3 cm厚度 Candle Element Long Oval 長橢圓形 Product #: candleelement-Base Tray Mould 底座托盤模具 - 長橢圓形 2022-11-30 Regular price: $HKD$38.0 Available from: Candle Element 蠟燭原料店In stock